Bank / wire transfer

Once you submit your order, we will send an invoice to your email. You can print the invoice and proceed with payment at any convenient time within 7 days. Please use order number as payment description. Order will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment.

Pay with Credit Card

When you choose the credit card payment you will be redirected to the Credit Card Payment Gateway. There you will have to fill in your credit card number, secure code (3 digits on the back side of the card) and expiration date of your card. After clicking "Confirm" button, Credit Card Payment Gateway will authorize your payment.
Payment with a credit card is very simple and highly secure. Connection between your computer and Credit Card Payment Gateway is secured with SSL protocol, which provides confidentiality of the transferred data. Order information transferred from our online shop to Credit Card Payment Gateway contains digital signatures. We do not receive any information about your credit card number, secure code or expiration dates, all we get is a confirmation of submitted payment.